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01. Inner Intimacy.

Towards a deeper and more conscious relationship with ourselves.

We all have heard the saying ‘if you want to take care of others, start by taking care of yourself.’ Even though inner intimacy as a concept is not new, we can observe that the manners of ‘how we take care of ourselves’ are shifting. Younger generations are leading this change by focusing on a more conscious, closer and deeper relationship with themselves. They strive to prioritise and cultivate their own physical, sexual, and mental wellness first to have healthier connections with others.

At the same time, we notice that public conversations around vulnerability and other topics that previously were considered taboos are more socially accepted, highlighting the importance of sharing and allowing oneself to open up. 

In an unstable world where people feel less in control and more insecure, looking inwards for purpose and meaning is a path for reassurance.


Intimacy Through Self Pleasure.

Many new services, platforms and products are taking a front stage by riding the destigmatization wave of pleasure and sex toys, this new approach can be seen as one of the strategies to stay mentally and physically strong and healthy.

The landscape of sex objects and services offers new ways of exploring one’s needs and particular preferences by tracking, quantifying, and analysing personal data and allowing users to experience customized moments of self-relaxation and self-pleasure.

This new awareness is not only helping people to educate themselves on how to take care of their sexual wellness, but it also opens up for better communication with their partner(s) and a more holistic view on sex life.

Key Signals

Smart Vibrators Detecting Orgasm Patterns.

Innovative sex toys, such as Lioness are trying to bridge the “orgasm gap” by gathering, learning and analysing data to educate oneself on how to experience an orgasm. Not only does the app focus on the environment and external factors of the one who is experiencing pleasure, but also on understanding oneself better and on a deeper level.

Human Touch X Sex Toy.

Osé is a smart sex toy for self-pleasure built on a human-touch centred approach. Similarly to Lioness, the product is connected to an app to allow for data tracking that can deepen and smoothen the understanding of one’s own body, needs and pleasure patterns.


The Path Of Vulnerability And Self Discovery.

In order to experience healthy intimacy with others, one has to first learn how to be intimate with oneself. This does not only apply to physical intimacy and self-pleasure, but also to spiritual and emotional intimacy as well. Not surprisingly, this general behavioural change is increasingly being seen within men. Traditionally, men have been prone to suppression of emotions and feelings, but nowadays many are trying to embrace more honest conversations around vulnerability and mental health. The market is filling up with self-development apps, services, and other tools that help deepen the connection with oneself more emotionally and spiritually.

Key Signals

Card Games For Collective Intimacy.

Through games such as ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’, you can not only discover more about yourself, but it also empowers you to establish meaningful connections with others. The edition of self-love and self-reflection kits are specially designed to cultivate and deepen this awareness.

Digital Tools For vulnerability.

With a focus on mental health, tools such as the ‘Man Therapy Platform’ provide a way to better support men’s mental health. The platform was developed to show men that unveiling their problems and seeking help can also be perceived as natural, desirable and necessary.

Brain triggers
  • What if vulnerability and emotional literacy could be taught at schools from an early age?
  • What if self pleasure could be quantified, analyzed and provided by an algorithm?
  • What if masturbation stops being a taboo and can be seen as a way towards better mental and physical health?