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Intimacy and meaningful connection is what makes us feel alive.

Intimacy matters, not only in the private realm, but also for its potential impact in the future of work, living, health, technology and our society at large. 

At Bespoke we are constantly interested in the underlying cultural forces emerging in the present, and therefore shaping our collective future. The pandemic accelerated many socio-technological changes that were slowly brewing in the background, and it has impacted us collectively immensely, but has especially left a mark on very personal levels. We wanted to start scratching the surface of these changes to better understand their potential impact and consequences. 

We read, talked with experts, researched and immersed ourselves into the world of love, relationships, sex and intimacy, looking for signals, fresh ideas, emerging stories, new values and behaviors that are defining  this domain every day. 

This knowledge piece shares some of our main insights and reflections and we hope it fuels your curiosity towards your own intimacy thinking.

As an attempt to create an understanding of intimacy today, we observed and collected a diverse range of signals speaking about the main societal changes, technologies and emerging behaviors shaping this landscape, and we articulated a set of insights to illustrate the depth of these changes and its potential implications for tomorrow.

The following 5 ideas below cover different perspectives and dimensions on what is emerging when talking about intimacy in our modern world.