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What does this all mean?

How will all of this influence the future of intimacy, relationships, or meaningful connection? Instead of having an answer to this now, we ask more questions. From ‘What if we designed public spaces for extreme intimacy?’ to ‘What if your health is measured by the amount of intimacy in your life?’ These are just some brain triggers to break the ice.

However, one thing became clear to us during this research, that true intimacy enables us to have better conversations and connections with others. And this will become more and more relevant in the future.

As we explored futures of intimacy, a lot of times, sex entered the room. And surely sex is a way to be intimate, but that only happens when there is trust, vulnerability and openness. And although there is a lot happening in the area, new ways on how and with whom we experience sex, it is important to remember that it is only one aspect of intimacy.

So therefore, we are keen to start dialogues with companies, municipalities, health providers, organizations to discuss more in depth how these shifting paradigms could be impacting their future services, products, their communication strategy or what it means to the design of public spaces. It would be interesting to open up conversations with bankers to explore how banking services could become intimate? or with retailers on ‘what if H&M starts offer sex toys jewellery?’

In the coming months, Bespoke will continue to explore this topic as part of a larger exploration and continuous research project on the Futures Of Intimacy. We would love to collaboratively further explore the future landscapes of intimacy, through engaging dialogues, curious conversations, fresh inspirations, and challenging ideas. Please contact Bespoke if you want to know more.